Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to add ROWNUM in a Record View

Let's say that I have a table called Y_DISCUSSION with 6 existing columns.  Now, I want to add the 7th column that contains row number.  How do I do that?

It's pretty easy actually...

  • 1 - Create a Record View with 7 columns, the last column will be used as a row number.

  • 2 - Write the SQL Definition in this format below

  • 3 - Save and build the view
  • 4 - Run the view and get the result below

Now I have the rownum in the table, I can use the rownum in my selection criteria, such as rownum between 5 and 10.


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  2. No need to add "select *" on the top of query. I think Two selects would suffice