Thursday, May 11, 2017

PeopleSoft Spotlight on Elasticsearch

Learn how to install Elasticsearch, create the Elasticsearch instance, and add additional nodes to the Elasticsearch cluster.  

Deploying Elasticsearch discusses:
  • PeopleSoft Search Framework and Elasticsearch
  • Understanding Elasticsearch DPK
  • Prerequisites for Deploying Elasticsearch
  • Deploying Elasticsearch
  • Creating Elasticsearch Search Instance
  • Adding Additional Nodes in Elasticsearch Cluster
  • Additional Information

Look deeper at the process of moving from Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (or SES) to Elasticsearch.
Moving from Secure Enterprise Search to Elasticsearch  discusses:
  • Introduction and Prerequisites
  • Adding Elasticsearch Instance and Taking Bug Fixes
  • Deploying the Search Definition and Category
  • Building the Search Index
  • Testing
  • Going Live on Elasticsearch

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